scott-squeezedLet’s Get to the Point:

You have enormous challenges in today’s rapidly changing world – and, unfortunately, there are problems that are dramatically impacting your business…that you may not even be aware of!

Here are two of the biggest:

1. You and your employees don’t know what you don’t know about succeeding in today’s competitive world.
2. You are so busy — working hard to just keep up — that you don’t have the time to remember and execute the things that you do know, but are not doing.

It is the combination of these two problems that is keeping you from doing better…and being better…than you’ve ever been.

Be sure to read all that follows: If you skim or skip ahead, you could easily miss the answer to the pressing problems that are holding you, your team, and your business from a year of greater success.


Look, it is really tough “out there” in the marketplace.

  • Cutthroat competition
  • Demanding customers
  • Changing technology
  • Unmotivated employees

…just a few of the challenges you deal with every day.

Even if you are committed to grow your business, you might be wondering what you need to do to win more customers, better serve your current client base, and secure a brighter future.

  • You need to be smarter than you’ve been before
  • You need to do the right things that create success
  • You need to learn the right techniques and develop the action steps

HOWEVER, you don’t have the time to be devoting hours each week trying to figure it out on your own!

That’s why you need A Year of Business Success.

No matter your desire or dedication, you just don’t have the time required in order to:

  • Read every good book
  • Attend all the important conferences
  • Listen to the best speakers
  • Engage the truly effective consultants

And the people on your team don’t have that much time either…

A YEAR OF BUSINESS SUCCESS is THE solution to your time-pressed dilemma.

In a mere 3-4 minutes a week, here are just five of the many benefits you’ll receive:

You’ll get smarter...quicker.

This program cuts through the clutter and gives you access to time-proven strategies and ideas that really work to grow your business, your people, and your results.

Increased confidence and commitment.

This comes from knowing what to do…and why to do it. You’ll be given the small but powerful actions you can take daily to skyrocket your success.

You and your business will have a competitive advantage.

You and your team will be armed with powerful knowledge and insights that your competition either doesn’t know how to do -- or are unwilling to do. Practicing these easy to implement ideas about leadership, customer service, innovation and motivation will put you above the marketplace crowd.

Bottom line results.

You’ll learn what can increase sales, retention, loyalty and profitability. These aren’t just great ideas; they are profitable ideas.

Surefire improvement in training.

This program takes the best ideas and thinking of five of the world’s top business experts – then, condenses them in an easy to understand and use format.

Perhaps even more importantly, you will be able -- at your convenience -- to constantly refer to the powerful truths and strategies from this series -- with all of the ideas from globally recognized and dynamic experts -- whenever you need them.
It’s not only compelling information – it’s “just in time” training!



A YEAR OF BUSINESS SUCCESS is a 52-week video subscription series that will help you grow and improve your business—regardless of your industry or your position in the organization. Every week for 52 weeks you will receive a new video from one of our experts.

Each video comes with BOTH:

  1. A Lesson Plan (so you can share and teach these important concepts to your entire team) and,
  2. An Action Plan (so you know specifically what steps you need to take next to grow your business)

Your team of experts when you enroll in A YEAR OF BUSINESS SUCCESS is truly an all-star lineup.

ayobs-hp-imageYour team of experts is truly an all-star lineup. Together, they have over 100 combined years speaking to businesses all over the world. All five are all members of the Speaker Hall Of Fame. Together, they have written and published more than 20 books; many are highly-acclaimed, award-winning, bestsellers used by millions of people around the world. Each is considered an expert in their area of expertise and a master of the platform as well as being a thought leader in the world of business.

Imagine an opportunity to learn from five of the world’s most respected business authors and speakers all together for the first time in such an easy to enjoy and use format!


And companies like BMW, Cisco, Merrill Lynch, Toyota, McDonald’s, IBM, HP, Pepsi, Verizon, and literally hundreds more have invested in the services of these remarkable experts, authors, trainers, and speakers!

YOU, however, can subscribe to receive their best ideas and innovative strategies for significantly less – a mere fraction — of this cost!

In addition, your subscription to A YEAR OF BUSINESS SUCCESS provides you automatic access to each expert’s blog. You will multiply and reinforce your learning with the best new ideas for growing your business and increasing your success.

Two Reasons to ACT NOW


You and your team will indeed KNOW what you NEED TO KNOW to be more successful, more productive and happier in your business than ever before.


There isn’t a more cost effective way for learning and teaching these powerful concepts than the brief video and action plan format of A YEAR OF BUSINESS SUCCESS.


There is no greater investment you can make in your business than learning strategies and techniques to leverage and expand your commitment, and the performance of your team.

The difference between mediocrity and the best year you have ever had can simply come down to two things:

#1 What you now know — that you didn’t know before.
#2 What you are willing to do now — to execute what you know.

lisa-ford-dvdSpecial Offer from Lisa Ford: The first 100 subscribers will receive free “Customer Service Strategies That Work”, a 2 hour dvd on how to create more loyalty in a dynamic and competitive marketplace. This is normally priced at $59.95. It is ideal for team training.

1. How to positively change customer perceptions
2. 7 Essential habits of effective customer service
3. Calming down angry customers and getting to logic
4. Listening techniques that really make a difference
5. Maintaining an upbeat attitude no matter what

Isn’t it time you stopped standing in the way of your own success? If you agree – then it IS time for: