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Now you can experience 52 interactive virtual business lessons presented by a world- renowned panel of experts – working with you one-on-one to take your business or career to the next level. Each lesson focuses on helping you improve your business or career in 5 separate categories: Leadership, Distinction, Customer Service, Work Ethic and Results. And each category is led by one of our team of experts, including Mark Sanborn, Scott McKain, Lisa Ford, Larry Winget, and Randy Pennington.

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"A Year of Business Success" gives you a rare opportunity to experience world-class interactive training and virtual coaching to help you get better business results - faster than you ever thought possible.

ayobs-hp-imageIf you’ve ever wanted exclusive access to proven strategies for more productivity, faster growth and better results, “A Year of Business Success” is the program for you.

Led by a team of experts including Mark Sanborn (best-selling author of The Fred Factor and You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader); Lisa Ford (best-selling author of Exceptional Customer Service); Larry Winget (best-selling author of Grow a Pair and It’s Called Work for a Reason); Randy Pennington (best-selling author of Results Rule and Make Change Work), and Scott McKain (best-selling author of Create Distinction and 7 Tenants of Taxi Terry), each lesson features interactive coaching and mentoring with key strategies you can implement right away.

You’ll also get exercises for a personalized action plan you can put to work in your business or career. Everything you need to succeed is here in your own personal, interactive and virtual course you can explore at your own pace and access on any device. All you need is a username and password. Just click here and discover how to get started!